6 Ways To Practice Gratitude Everyday

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When is it your turn to feel good? This just in: RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel okay when you just don’t feel okay. Practicing gratitude can help change a negative situation into a positive situation.
When a moment is breaking you down, you have to feel grateful for the things that are building you up.
Life has a way of making us feel insignificant. It’s easy to forget all the amazing things life gives us when everything is overwhelming and stressful.
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I’ve been working more than ever and running into all sorts of emotional stress. (Especially with the holidays arriving quickly.) I keep myself balanced and sane by practicing gratitude.
Appreciating the things in my life helps me get through any tough day or moment of stress. After all, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.
So today, I’m going to share 6 ways you can practice gratitude EVERYDAY: 

1. Appreciate Everything

Waking up in the morning, filling your belly with yummy food or a day with beautiful weather are all things that we tend to take for granted. 

Become aware of things in your day-to-day life that you look past. Try to see those things from a viewpoint of gratitude.
Appreciate the small things just as much as you appreciate the big things. Everything in your life has some type of importance, otherwise it wouldn’t be in your life.
Simple things like eating your favorite meal or a great phone call with your best friend are a small blessing. They make your day better and leave you feel happier and healthier. 
Make sure that you recognize all the great things in your life and appreciate them. Take time to feel gratitude towards the little blessings. You will feel a sense of comfort and calmness in your daily life.

2. Keep A Gratitude Journal

A friend of mine once gave me Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists For Happiness gratitude journal as a gift. Every week there is a new list with a gratitude related topic that you can fill out. 

Taking time to focus on things that you’re grateful for helps you acknowledge just how wonderful your life is.
I adored this journal and I used it every single day. I’d write down little things that I loved or enjoyed. I’d write down my favorite activities or fun events that took place.
Over time, when I looked back through this journal, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I have so many amazing people and wonderful memories.
Keeping a gratitude journal will help remind you of things that you might overlook. Awesome things that keep you moving forward or just simple moments that you don’t want to forget.

3. Positive Affirmations

Woman Smiling
Positive affirmations for expressing gratitude could be the game-changer in your life. 
If you’re new to affirmations, let me explain. According to Ananda.org, an affirmation when related to spirituality is a statement of truth which one aspires to absorb into his/her life. 
To simplify, when you say affirmations, you are describing out loud how you would like yourself or your life to be. Repeating these affirmations every day implements the truth into your subconscious. 
Creating positive gratitude affirmations can make your days better and allow you to feel thankful for the life you have.

4. Say Thank You

Thank the people around you as often as you can. Even for small things or for simply existing in your life. 
Always express your appreciation for the people, things or place in your life. Feeling thankful from the bottom of your heart for who and what you love will always give you peace and happiness.
I feel lucky every day for the people and things I have. My life wouldn’t be as joyous and happy without them. I show them my appreciation for them by thanking whenever I get the chance.

5. Give Compliments

Have you ever had someone compliment something about you? That warm fuzzy feeling you get after receiving a compliment is unmatched.

Being on the receiving end of a compliment is extraordinary. Imagine giving that warm fuzzy feeling to someone else.

Giving compliments is an amazing way to practice gratitude. When you genuinely compliment others, you’re introducing a positive connection and sharing a feeling of appreciation.

6. Be mindful

Woman smiling with sunshine in the back
You’ve probably heard the idea of mindfulness plenty of times. Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being consciously aware of something.
I have a story about mindfulness that has changed the way I think forever.
I used to have a horrible habit of never being present. I don’t mean never showing up, but never experiencing the moment I’m in while I’m in it. I’d always be a couple steps forward all the time.
One day I realized this when I was looking through all my photos. I struck me odd that out of the hundreds of photos I had, I could only remember a handful of moments.
It hit me all of the sudden that I was too focused on what was coming next that I completely missed the experience I was in. After that, I decided to always be present.
Mindfulness is important for practicing gratitude because it’s hard to appreciate what you have if you never take the time out to do so. Focus your time and energy towards whatever you’re feeling thankful for right now. 
Dividing your attention won’t allow you to genuinely feel thankful. You won’t be able to express gratitude for what’s right in front of you in that moment. Make sure you’re always all there.

It's A Beautiful Life

When it comes down to it, life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We don’t always follow the path that leads to happiness.

You’re going to experience moments of doubt and times when getting through the day is the hardest battle in the world.

Practicing gratitude can change your outlook, mindset and heart. Give yourself time to appreciate all the good things in your life or the lessons you learn from the bad things.


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